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Abba and Kabe

14 year old Abba and 13 year old Kabe came in to the care of our Berkshire centre within 5 days of one another and despite initial health setbacks for both of them, it wasn’t long after they were available for homing that they were spotted by their potential new owners.

Abba needed an operation to remove a large lump from her lip and Kabe also had a lump and needed neutering and a dental which set them both back in their search for new homes. Soon after they were available for homing Kathy and her partner, who were looking for two sedate older dogs who still enjoyed their walks, contacted the Berkshire centre and asked whether the pair could be homed together. Both had lived with other dogs previously and had already been socialised on lead together at NAWT's Berkshire centre and appeared to get along well. 

Kathy and her partner fell in love with them both straight away and so NAWT staff continued to mix them in between visits from their new owners, starting off with on lead walks then letting them off lead together. The walks and meets all continued positively and after a couple of weeks everything was ready for them to go home.

Jen Healey, Animal Care Assistant at Trindledown Farm, says “the first time Abba and Kabe were let loose together they acted like puppies, racing round our big dog run and enjoying themselves! On the day of their homing they got in the car together like they had lived with one another their whole lives, it was very sweet to see. Since being at home their bond has grown even more and they now spend their days sleeping on the same bed enjoying their new family.”