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Meet Spook, Boo and Ghost! (On foster)

These 3 brothers are just over 3 months old and came into our care after being gifted to someone who could not look after them.

They had not had much human interaction, so we decided to put them into a foster home to build up their confidence. A few months on, the 3 boys are really coming out of their shells! Update from their fosterer below;

They are doing really well; they love their veg and hay and will now take food from our hands, surprisingly it is Boo who is more wary of us and will take the food and run away with it. Both Ghost and Spook will accept a head stroke when they are eating and sometimes when they’re not. We are able to pick them all up for a cuddle, with Boo being the easiest and calmest on our laps. They love going out on the grass and happily run around, but only for short bursts when it’s so cold. And have even met our own two guinea pigs and get on really well all together, a nice little gang :)

They really are sweet little boys and make us smile every day, they steal food from each other and use their little feet if their food gets a bit stuck. :)

If you are interested in adopting the 3, please contact us.

Spook, Boo and Ghost

Both Male
Indoor pet
Companion Pet:
Cannot live with others of same species
Age of Children in Family:
5 - 12

Centre: Bedfordshire - HULA

Bedfordshire - HULA, Glebe Farm, Salford Road,, Aspley Guise, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, MK17 8HZ
Phone Number:
01908 584000
Opening Times:
Open to visitors every Wednesday to Sunday and bank holiday Mondays between 1pm and 3pm (closed Monday and Tuesdays).
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