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About me

Hello, my name is Charlie and my friend here is Cola. I’m a  neutered female rabbit and Cola is a neutered male, we’re both about 2 years old and came into rescue as our previous owner couldn’t look after us any more. I am an Agouti colour and my friend Cola is Black and Sable.

We are actually quite friendly, and do like a bit of attention, but be warned, we will give you a bit of a run around when you try to pick us up, once you’ve got us though, we do settle quite nicely for a fuss.

Here at the centre we have a nice warm hutch to sleep in at night. When it’s not too cold, we’re free to roam in a secure outside space. We’ve been both indoor and outdoor bunnies in the past, so would be willing to consider either for our new home, we’ll definitely need lots of space to hop about though!

We’re a bouncy, energetic pair of bunnies in need of a loving forever home. Is yours the home we’re looking for?


Charlie & Cola

Mixed Pair
Indoor pet
Companion Pet:
Can live with others of same species
Age of Children in Family:
5 - 12

Centre: Berkshire

NAWT Berkshire, Trindledown Farm, Wantage Road, Great Shefford, Berkshire, RG17 7DQ
Phone Number:
01488 638584
Opening Times:
1100 - 1600 every day (Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day) We regret that due to the coronavirus outbreak, NAWT centres will remain closed to visitors until further notice. However, we are able to recommence rehoming under strict guidelines which are based on the Government’s current social distancing and our sector’s infection control guidance. If you are interested in rehoming any of our animals, please contact the rehoming centre directly by phone or email.
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