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About me

Please meet Dusty,

Dusty is a super sweet confident boy who will always run over to you when you enter his pen. He is very friendly and loves having cuddles and fuss with the staff and volunteers here at HULA. He can become wriggly when picked up so he much prefers to have a fuss while he remains on the ground.

Dusty is an active rabbit who loves to climb on his enrichment, explore our small animal house, and chew on his toys. He hopes to find a home where he wil have lots of space to hop about and explore. Dusty was kept as an indoor buny in his previous home an would like to find a new home that is indoors aswell. Dusty is currently very lonely so would like to find a home with a bunny companion.

As you can see from the pictures, Dusty has beautiful long fur, this takes lots of grooming and maintainance! Dusty would like to find an owner with experience with grooming rabbits so they will be abe to help him maintain his coat and prevent it from becoming matted. His owner would need to be around to brush him a couple pf times a day. Dusty is good for being brushed on his head and back but gets fed up when you try and groom his belly. His belly is the partof his body that gets matted the quickest so his new owner would need to help Dusty get used to being brushed there.

If you could provide Dusty with the loving home he is looking for, please contact reception.


Small / Medium
Indoor pet
Companion Pet:
Can live with others of same species
Age of Children in Family:
5 - 12

Centre: Bedfordshire - HULA

Bedfordshire - HULA, Glebe Farm, Salford Road,, Aspley Guise, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, MK17 8HZ
Phone Number:
01908 584000
Opening Times:
Open to visitors every Wednesday to Sunday and bank holiday Mondays between 1pm and 3pm (closed Monday and Tuesdays). WE ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS
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