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Please meet Smokey,

This is the second time poor Smokey has found himself in our care looking for a new home due to no fault of his own. Smokey first came into our care back in 2018 as a stray. We found him a home and he has recently been returned to our care due to the owners change of circumstance. Smokey is 4.5 years old.

Smokey is such a sweet boy, he is very friendly and super confident. He always comes hopping over when you enter his pen in the home you have some food or treats for him. He enjoys all of the fuss and attention he gets from the staff and volunteers here at HULA.

Smokey loves cardboard boxes filled with hay and treats. He will spend his day ripping them up and throwing them around his pen before taking a well derserved nap.  

Smokey has suffered with E.cuniculi, this is a protozoan parasite that primarily effects the nervous system. Smokey has now been treated for this but the E.cuniculi has caused perminant damage to Smokey's nervous system. This has resulted in Smokey having a head tilt and being a little wobbly on one of his back legs. He still gets about perfectly fine although a little wobbly at times.

Because of Smokey having had E.cuniculi  he cannot live with another rabbit as he is now a carrier of the parasite so therefore could pass it on to another rabbit. He would like to find an indoor home so that he can have the company of people as he is unable to have the company of another rabbit.

Smokey would like to find a family who is around most of the day so that he has some company so he will not be so lonely. He would like to have access to lots of space so he can run around and explore.

If you could provide Smokey with the home he is looking for, please contact reception.



Small / Medium
Indoor pet
Companion Pet:
Cannot live with others of same species
Age of Children in Family:
Under 5

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