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  • Fiver is looking for his forever home
  • Fiver and his foster mum

About me

Please meet Fiver,

Fiver is a very cheeky boy! He can still be a little nervous of people, however he is always wanting to check out what you are doing.

Fiver is looking for someone who will give him time and space, to settle into his new home.

Fiver although nervous at first likes to be around people, and given time he will make a wonderful addition to your family.

Fiver is looking to live outside as he won’t suit being a house rabbit, however he does need to be in a very secure, large weather proof rabbit hutch and run. As he will dig or jump out of his enclosure.

**** UPDATE *****

Fiver has been at Hula for 2 years last September, and during this time he has found rescue environment very stressful, resulting in him being scared, biting and not being able to be handled.

Unfortunately we have not been able to find this little bunny his forever home, so we decided to put him into foster with a team member so we could improve his quality of life.

Fiver has been in a foster home Since June, and his behaviour has changed so much already.

His true character is starting to come out and although he’s still shy, he’s friendly and actually quite cheeky. He loves his run and now comes up to the pen door when you are in the garden. He now enjoys nose rubs and you can handle him without getting scratched to death.


*******ANOTHER UPDATE*****

Well is nearly 3 years Fiver has been waiting for his forever home, we just cant understand why!!!!


About Fiver 


Fiver is a shy rabbit with a cheeky inquisitive side. Although this bunny has had human interaction from an early age he is wary of humans so does need some time and patience to earn his trust. He is not a cuddly rabbit but will quite happily sit on your lap for a nose rub once he has gotten to know you. Like most rabbits Fiver does not enjoy being picked up but can be handled for grooming, he is slowly overcoming this fear. 


Fiver enjoys digging, eating and making a mess! He loves to sit on things, a log is currently his favourite place to sit and will be on it for hours, sunbathing and watching the world go by. 


This little bunny is very athletic so will need a large stimulating environment, he does get destructive when he gets bored. Fiver is looking for an outdoor home. 


Fiver needs an experienced owner with no young children to help bring Fiver out of his shell. 


- I may be able to live with a female rabbit- Bonding will need to be slow. 

- I need to be able to go outside and explore and I need a stimulating environment. 

- Id prefer older children, as young children may scary me.

- I’m an independent rabbit- I like my own space. 

- I can live with dogs who are used to small animals. 

- I am not comfortable with being picked up, I will run away but once caught I do not struggle. I am very good whilst being groomed. 

- I like nose rubs. 

- I love treats! 

- I am litter trained and I keep my hutch very clean. 

- I love to play, I enjoy running through my tunnels, bouncing on my logs and destroying my toys. 


Small / Medium
Outdoor pet
Companion Pet:
Can live with others of same species
Age of Children in Family:

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