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Please meet Binky and Benjamin,

Binky and Benjamin came into our care due to no fault of their own but due to their previous owners no longer being able to care for them. They are both a year old.

Binky and Benjamin were both incredibly nervous of people when they first came into our, they would run away and hide as soon as anyone tried to go near them. The staff have been working very hard to get them to become more sociable, the staff have been sitting with them, reading to them, hand feeding them to show them that people are not so scary. They will both now come over to take food from you but you have to be very calm or they will run away. 

Binky and benjamin did not come into our care in a good way, they were sadly unclean and had lots of parasites. Once they staff got them a little more comfortable with people they were able to give them a good groom and treat them for the parasites. They are doing much better now but still need lots of TLC.

Binky and Benjamin are looking for an owner who is experienced with goats and other farm animals. They would like a home with lots of land for them to graze on and explore and a secure stable they can go to rest. Binky and benjamin are used to other animals such as ducks and chickens, they both seem happy and comfortable around them. 

If you would like to know more about Binky and Benjamin, please contact reception.

Binky and Benjamin

Both Male

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