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About me

Hi there, my name is Bert, I am a medium Oxford and my friend here is Ernie, a small Pot Bellied pig cross. We are both 12 years old and are looking for a new home after we outgrew our owners garden.

We're currently living in separate, but adjoining areas. We used to be in together, but I'm a bit bigger than Ernie and can play a little rough. We do like knowing where each other is though, so we're looking for a new home together.

We are both friendly pigs and enjoy belly scratches and having human company. We unsurprisingly love our food, and in the summer, I love having a good, muddy wallow to roll around in. We would like a large area where we can live together again as we are social animals, it would need to have a permanent shelter for each of us to keep warm and dry and ideally will be enclosed with electric tape to stop us from escaping.

We're definitely looking for an owner who has experience of owning pigs as we're intelligent and social creatures who like company and mental stimulation.

We've been here at the centre a long time now, probably longer than all of the staff. So you could be forgiven for thinking that we're resident animals, here to stay. But we are still looking, hoping that somewhere out there, there's someone willing to give two friendly old pigs a loving retirement home. Could that someone be you?


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Bert & Ernie

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