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About me

Hello my name is Sophie and I am a gorgeous 9 year old girl. I was brought into the centre, as my previous owners were unable to look after me anymore.

I am looking for a very specific home, as I will need physical boundaries in place to help manage me while I settle and learn to trust.

I am an energetic terrier who enjoys long sniffy walks and I am very affectionate once I know you. I can be nervous of new situations and people and take time to trust and settle.

I am looking for an active owner with experience of terriers with quirky and lovable personalities, and who will follow guidance from the centre’s behaviour advisor to help me settle in.

While I love playing tug and fetch, too much of this can get me over-aroused and lead to me being snappy later in the day, so I need an owner who will enjoy taking me on relaxing sniffy walks.

My ideal new owner will be active and experienced with reward based training. They should be keen to enjoy teaching me to do tricks, agility, hoopers or scent work. I love training and enjoy treats, toys and affection as rewards. This also helps to tire me out and to form a good bond and trust with people.

I find too much coming and going can get me worked up. So I am looking for a quiet home, with adults only and no visiting children. I need to be the only pet. 

I need a home with a secure garden, large enough for my new active owner to spend plenty of time training me.  

It is really important that I have my own space to relax, as I can be easily startled and react snappily if I am wound-up, tired or asleep. So I need a home large enough for me to have my own separate living area/room, so I can be slowly integrated into my new life in a way I can cope with. My living space would ideally be my own room, with a pet gate at the door, so I can hear and get used to the comings and goings of home life. Alternatively, it could be a large (6ft x 6ft or bigger) puppy pen with high sides and space for me to sleep, play and eat. A crate will not be suitable.

Once I have settled in, I could possibly socialise with other dogs out on walks.


5 - 10 years
Age of Children in Family:
Adult Only
Other Dogs in Home:
Cats in Home:
Time Left Alone:
Up to 2 hours
Exercise Needed:

Centre: Hertfordshire

NAWT Hertfordshire, Tylers Way, Watford-By-Pass, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 8WT
Phone Number:
0208 950 0177 (option 2)
Opening Times:
We regret that due to the coronavirus outbreak, NAWT centres will remain closed to visitors until further notice. However, we are able to recommence rehoming under strict guidelines which are based on the Government’s current social distancing and our sector’s infection control guidance. If you are interested in rehoming any of our animals, please contact the rehoming centre directly by phone or email.
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