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About me

Hi, my name's Barny and I'm a very handsome 3 year old Beagle mix. I came to the centre as a stray so very little is known about my background. Some things you should know about me; I'm very high energy so I'm going to need a lot of daily exercise and mental stimulation to prevent me becoming bored and getting up to mischief, I suffer from separation anxiety which means I become very stressed and upset if I'm left on my own and to cope I become very destructive and vocal, I can also be very stubborn and wilful so I'm looking for new owners who have experience with Beagles/working Hound types who will understand what a young boy like myself needs from life!

My friends describe me as a very fun loving, cheeky young man - I can turn any situation into a game! I find it particularly great fun to steal things I'm not meant to have so my handlers have started teaching me all about swaps which will come in handy for my new owners when I start my stealing phase in my new home. Like a typical Hound type I'm rather independent, know my own mind and don't always see the point in doing things I don't find much fun which can be challenging at times and is why it's essential my new owners have experience with my breed. My friends say once I am focused on something, I'm actually super intelligent and learn things very quickly, especially if tasty treats are involved (I'm always thinking about my stomach!) so it's important my new owners put my brain to use with something productive to prevent me creating my own fun and games!

It's possible I have never lived in a home environment as my friends think I have lots of working dog traits, so this in itself could mean myself and my new family may have some hurdles to overcome and for this reason I will need to be rehomed locally so my friends here can offer ongoing training and support to my new family.

I've been introduced to lots of dogs whilst I've been at the centre and my friends think it would benefit me greatly to have some dog friends in my new home - us Hounds love to be part of a pack! I am unable to live with cats or small furries as I do like to chase and have strong hunting instincts. My ideal home would be somewhere in a RURAL location where I have lots of secured outdoor space to do my Hound thing! I am looking for an ADULT ONLY home.


1 - 4 years
Age of Children in Family:
Adult Only
Other Dogs in Home:
Cats in Home:
Time Left Alone:
Not used to being left
Exercise Needed:

Centre: Cornwall

NAWT Cornwall, Wheal Alfred Kennels, Wheal Alfred Road, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 5JT
Phone Number:
01736 756005
Opening Times:
1100 - 1500 every day (closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day) WE ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS.
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