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Doris & Daisy

About me

Hello, my name is Doris and this is my daughter Daisy. We are a gorgeous pair of 14 and 15-year-old cats who would love to find a nice retirement home full of cuddles and fuss.

The quiet life is definitely for us. Lounging around in the garden or on a nice bed is how we like to spend most of our time. I think a nice and peaceful home without an awful lot going on would be best for us. We like it when the humans are around most of the time too. It means they can wait on us hand and foot.

We are lovely, very happy cats but the only thing that annoys us is when the other tries to take our food. We simply will not share, it is in fact, out of the question.

We would much prefer to be the only pets in the home as it means more attention for us, it’s bad enough having to share with Daisy, but I allow it as she is my daughter. We also wouldn’t mind living with either adults or a family as long as the children are over the age of 12 and realise if one of us gets a head scratch the other does too!

Doris & Daisy

Both Female
Over 10 years
Coat Type:
Short hair
Access to Outdoors
Age of Children in Family:
School aged children
Other Cats in Home:
Dogs in Home:
Sociability of Cat:
Likes to be around people

Centre: Hertfordshire

NAWT Hertfordshire, Tylers Way, Watford-By-Pass, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD25 8WT
Phone Number:
0208 950 0177 (option 2)
Opening Times:
We regret that due to the coronavirus outbreak, NAWT centres will remain closed to visitors until further notice. However, we are able to recommence rehoming under strict guidelines which are based on the Government’s current social distancing and our sector’s infection control guidance. If you are interested in rehoming any of our animals, please contact the rehoming centre directly by phone or email.
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All cats taken in by the National Animal Welfare Trust are:

  • Medically checked by a vet and treated if necessary
  • Assessed by our experienced animal care team to understand the type of home they require for their own particular needs
  • Vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and neutered
  • Given four free weeks of Petplan insurance
  • Given an individual training plan according to their needs.