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Mannabu & Darley

About me

We are a pair of friendly exotic cats who came into the centre because our owner sadly passed away.

I (Mannabu) am grey tabby, and my friend Darley is Torti and white. We are both 8 years old and seeking a new home together.

All you really need to know about me is that I cannot, I repeat, cannot get enough fuss and attention, sit down near me and I will be all over you. Darley can seem a bit more aloof, sitting atop a high perch somewhere, don't let it fool you, she loves a fuss just as much as I do, she just likes making you come to her. If you’re looking for a pair of cuddle monsters, look no further.

We have previously lived with other cats and we all got along fine, so we could potentially live with other cats, as long as they’re friendly. We have always been indoor cats who have had access to an outside enclosure. In our new home we would like supervised access to outside if an enclosed area isn't available. Our new adopter would need to be mindful of this.

Given our exotic breed we also require more care and maintenance than a regular cat, which is something an adopter would have to consider. Can you give us our forever home?


Mannabu & Darley

Mixed Pair
5 - 10 years
Coat Type:
Short hair
Access to Outdoors
Age of Children in Family:
12 +
Other Cats in Home:
Dogs in Home:
Sociability of Cat:
Cuddly cat

Centre: Berkshire

NAWT Berkshire, Trindledown Farm, Wantage Road, Great Shefford, Berkshire, RG17 7DQ
Phone Number:
01488 638584
Opening Times:
1100 - 1600 every day (Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day)
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All cats taken in by the National Animal Welfare Trust are:

  • Medically checked by a vet and treated if necessary
  • Assessed by our experienced animal care team to understand the type of home they require for their own particular needs
  • Vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and neutered
  • Given four free weeks of Petplan insurance
  • Given an individual training plan according to their needs.