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About me

We are 4 budgies who came to the centre for various reasons from strays to owners going into a care home. Over time we have become a great little group who are now seeking a forever home together. We have all adapted really well and love the aviary environment, now we have so much space to fly around. In our new home we would be seeking a good size aviary with an inside area to be protected from the elements. 

In our group we have 3 males and 1 female, named Freddie, Freda, Chris Tweety and Eddie. 

Budgies are normally fairly easy to introduce to one another so a set up with other birds should be fine given the correct introduction. Freda would certainly be grateful to have a few more females around.

Do you have the setup we need?


Mixed Pair

Centre: Berkshire

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01488 638584
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Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 4pm. Closed Mondays. (Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day)
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