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About me

Hi there, my name is Archie. I am 6 year old Male African Grey Parrot seeking a new forever home. The RSPCA signed me over to the charity on behalf of my   owners who had sadly become too unwell to care for me. 

On arrival I became friends with the female staff who's shoulders I will happily sit upon. I'm not too sure of men but I will tolerate them cleaning me out and feeding me of course. My day consists of watching the TV, Listening to the radio and playing with all my colourful toys. Speaking is not my strong point, but having only just    arrived I am only just settling in. I prefer to have a little chatter in private, although as each day passes my noises are developing. 

Being a young boy I need plenty of stimulation and interaction. Someone who is experienced with Birds who can spend time with me during the day. Full time workers need not apply! 

If you can offer Archie his forever home then please do give the centre a call. Archie needs someone who has kept parrots before and who is home most of the day.  Parrots are highly social birds who enjoy human company. They also enjoy plenty of free flying time in and around the home and its vital Archie is allowed to do this. Archie could live with parrot savvy children over the age of 12 plus.




Centre: Berkshire

NAWT Berkshire, Trindledown Farm, Wantage Road, Great Shefford, Berkshire, RG17 7DQ
Phone Number:
01488 638584
Opening Times:
1100 - 1600 every day (Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day) WE ARE TEMPORARILY CLOSED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS
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