• 8 years 0 months, Female
  • Domestic Shorthair
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

  • Size:
  • Cat friendly Can live with other cats
    Cannot live with dogs

Meet Domino!

Hello, I’m Domino, an 8-year-old girl looking for a new home.

I’m a sweet, independent little kitty, I like to keep myself to myself but always stay close to the people around me, keeping a watchful eye on everyone. I can be a little nervous when I’m in a new environment or meeting new people. It took me a few days to really settle into the cattery when I first arrived, and this will most likely be the same in my new home, but once I start to feel more confident, I soon relax.

A great way of building a bond with me is to offer me one of my two favourite things - a fishing rod toy, or a chicken flavoured Dreamie! Once you have built up my trust, I will happily let you give me fusses. I love having a good chin scratch and I can be quite chatty with the people I like the most.

I have previously lived with other female cats and got on well, so I would be happy to go to a home where I would have a new adopted sister, as long as they are quite a calm and laid back cat who will still give me my space when I need it, but I wouldn’t like to share my home with a dog. Any children in my family will also need to understand my needs and respect my space. I am looking for a home in a quiet area with a garden I can explore safely.

If you’re looking for a little kitty like me, please apply today!