• 7 years 9 months, Male
  • Jack Russell Terrier Cross
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

  • Not Used To Being Left Alone Not used to being left alone
  • Size:
  • Cannot live with cats
    Cannot live with other dogs

Meet Rodders!

Hello, I’m Rodders, I’m (almost) 8-years-old and I’m desperately looking for a new owner who will be my best friend. I came to the centre as my previous owner, who I loved very much, was unwell and could no longer look after me. I miss them so much and I hate being all alone, could you be my new friend?

I’m a sweet, friendly boy who just loves spending time with people. When people come to see me, I like to bring them one of my toys to show how happy I am to see them. My favourite toy is my cuddly snowman so I give him to the people I love the most. I’m a typical terrier who loves to chase and play and I’m very good at bringing the toys back to you to throw again. I also love my treats - especially sausages and chicken! The team here have been doing reward based training with me which I really enjoy because I can show off how clever I am to get a tasty treat. So far I know “sit", ”down”, “leave”, “take” and “fetch”!

I’m used to spending all my time with my owner so i have been a bit confused and worried since coming to the centre, I’m always looking around trying to find my owner and I hate being lonely. It’s important that in my new home, someone will always be with me to keep me company and stop me getting stressed. I’d also prefer a quiet home as I’m not used to busy environments and loud noises scare me. I would also like to be the only pet in the home.

If you’re looking for a four legged companion who will never leave your side, please apply for me!