• 0 years 4 months, Male
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

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  • Can live with others of same species

Meet Michael!

Hi there! Our names are Michael, Kevin, Timmy, Snowball and Mr Grey. A bit of a random bunch you ask? Well we like to think we cover every colour and shape of the guinea pig world! We’ve all arrived at the centre together from a much larger colony. We're all young boys, none of us are more than a year old!

We are looking for a new home either together or separately as long as it has a nice warm hutch for winter and a run in the summer to you guessed it...run around in!

We haven’t had a lot of handling from humans and are still quite nervous of people. However, as we are so young we think we could easily adapt to this and will be enjoying cuddles in no time! We’re just a group of sweet little boys who need someone to be patient with us whilst we settle in to our new home, we can’t wait to find out if its yours!