• 7 years 1 months, Male
  • Patterdale Terrier Cross
  • Size: Medium

Meet Alfie!

Hi everyone!! My name is Alfie and well, I'm sure you'll agree, I'm a rather distinguished gentleman! Don't be put off by my greying face...I'm actually not an old man!! I'm a 7 year old boy and well, there's no doubt that there's a lot of Terrier in this boy, and perhaps a bit of Spaniel and some other wonderful heritage.
I'm a lovely little lad and I've got tonnes of personality so I know I'll make a super addition to a lucky persons home. The thing you should know most about me is that I really love my walks. If you know and love us Terriers you'll know the stamina and determination we have to enjoy walks all day long if we could. I'm what you call a 'proper dog walk' kinda lad, and I'll much prefer my walks in the countryside where we can explore off the beaten track together rather than your town and city life. I'm looking for humans who match my stamina really and whose idea of fun is donning a pair of wellies, heading off on a long adventure before coming home and settling down together in front of the TV. So if that already sounds like you, we could be the perfect match!
I'm not much of a social butterfly in all honesty- I'm friendly with people and happy enough to make human friends but I'm not all too fussed about those on 4 legs. I don't really like other dogs being in my face and prefer to just be left alone to get on with my own business. I've got rather the strong prey drive and I would find our feline friends too tempting to chase. So I'm after a pet free home.
I am a real smart boy and I already know quite a few tricks but could probably learn a few more if you fancied it! I'm quite a bouncy boy once I've gotten to know you and I love to play with my ball and my soft teddies. I am inquisitive by nature and have lots of little quirks that you can enjoy getting to know about me. I'd be best suited to homes where any children are older as opposed to youngsters. I love being around my favourite people and there's a cuddly boy inside too! If I'm intriguing you so far and you'd like to know more about me, then please get in touch with my pals here!