Poppy (with Paddy)

  • 8 years 6 months, Female
  • Terrier Cross
  • Size: Small

Meet Poppy (with Paddy)!

Hi friends!! We are Poppy and Paddy and we are a SUPER cute duo on the lookout for our loving forever home. First things first, let us introduce ourselves. So, me, Poppy...well I'm that little cutie in the photos, the little Terrier cross with the gorgeous hair (some may say scruffy but that's not true!). And the big fella, that's my best pal Paddy the Chocolate Lab.
Me and my brother have had a really sad time of late as our owner unexpectedly passed away which left us feeling very lost and confused. Thankfully, the kind humans at NAWT have offered to help us in our most desperate time of need but, as nice as they try to make it and as lovely as they are to us both, it's simply just not home. We are longing for home and normality; I've taken things a little bit more in my stride here but my brother is a real worrier at heart and a big sensitive, soppy boy who is really struggling with the change.
We are both really friendly, loving and affectionate doggies who just seek someone to love us as much as we love them. Paddy like I say is a sensitive soul and he wants to be by his favourite humans side and he really is one who firmly makes friends and finds them reassuring. I love everyone and can often be described as a bit of a 'pocket rocket' as I race around on these little legs around the fields here whereas Pads is a bit more of a plodder...I guess that's the Terrier in me!!
Paddy hasn't quite let his hair down enough yet to show off his crazy Choccy lab side although, in true Labrador fashion, he does of course love his grub and polishes off every meal like a good boy. We're starting to show more of ourselves as the days go on and have even shown a cheeky little playful side with our toys. But really, the thing we love most? Cuddles on the sofa! When we see that sofa it feels like home and having cuddles on the sofa with our human friends helps us feel more relaxed. I put on a brave face to help my best friend Pads out but really we just crave being back in the home environment. We're not huge adventurers and will be chuffed pottering around with you in the house and garden, sharing your snacks and giving you snuggles as we watch TV together.
We would really rather being the only pets in the house but we may be able to live with another older dog who also appreciates the calmer and finer things in life but we haven't had all that much experience around other dogs. We'd be best suited to homes where any children are older. We are very bonded and we've been through so much together that it's important we find a new home together too. If you think there is a Paddy and Poppy shaped spot on your sofa and in your heart, then please do get in touch with our friends here as we all can't wait to hear from you!