Malteser (& friends)

  • 1 years 2 months, Female
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

  • Size: Small
  • Can live with others of same species
    Indoor pet

Meet Malteser (& friends)!

Hello there, my name is Malteser, and these are my friends Donut, Brioche and Galaxy. We are a group of female guinea pigs ranging between 1-3 years old, and we are looking for a new home together.

We came into the centre due to a change in our owners circumstances. We are very lovely group of girls, that enjoy spending time together munching on fresh herbs and hay. We can be a bit shy sometimes, but we are slowly becoming more confident here, so we will definitely be squeaking the house down in our new home!

We can live with children of any age, however all handling must be supervised by an adult, and we prefer to be held on our level as heights are quite scary!

We could potentially live with other guinea pigs, either females or a neutered male. This will depend on the size of the accommodation we would live in, as for the four of us 6ft x 2ft is necessary, so any more pigs will increase the minimum size required. We currently live inside and will need to stay as indoor pigs until the weather is better, as then we can be slowly transitioned to living outside.

If you are looking for a lovely group of girls, then please apply for us today!