• 3 years 11 months, Male
  • Lurcher
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

  • Not Used To Being Left Alone Not used to being left alone
  • Size: Large
  • Cannot live with cats
    Dog friendly Can live with other dogs

Meet Tigger!

Hi there! My name is Tigger, it suits me well as I’m a happy bouncy boy! I’ve not been at the centre for very long but I’m already very keen to find my forever home. The vet here thinks I’m a young boy too, only about a year old.

My new owner may have to teach me how to be a dog, you see at the moment I like to eat my food sat on the sofa and apparently that’s not the doggie thing to do! I don’t understand the fuss, it’s just more comfortable that way! As I’m a young lad I do need some reassurance, especially around other dogs and so some help in how to introduce myself to dog pals would be very helpful from my new owner. What can I say? Strangers can be scary!

What I do love is cuddles! Lots of them, oh and tasty treats too! If we got along and introductions were done with lots of patience, I think I could potentially live with another dog. However as I’m a bit of a worried boy being the only dog in the home would be ideal. I could live with older children as long as they understand that I can feel worried or get overwhelmed with new things.

If helping me build my confidence, nice walkies and lots of cuddles sounds good to you then please register your interest!