Bella with Alice & Lucky

  • 2 years 4 months, Female
  • Guinea Pig
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

  • Size:
  • Can live with others of same species
    Outdoor pet

Meet Bella with Alice & Lucky!

These sweet girls are all two years old and a bonded trio, now looking for their new forever home together.

Lucky, Alice, and Bella love to spend time together, eating together, sleeping together, and even grooming each other. They all love their food, coming over to you when offered a tasty treat, even eating treats from your hand, or sometimes sitting on your lap to enjoy their snacks.

Although a little shy around being picked up, as most guinea pigs are, they are quite confident and do enjoy a cuddle once they have been picked up and get to know you. We've been told they like to play and are very gentle when they do, but when it comes to brushing Alice can be a little dramatic and make a lot of noise, but despite a bit of squeaking they do let you groom them still.

Being a trio they would need lots of space to ensure they can explore and run around as much as they need and want to. Currently they live with children, so they would be happy for them to be part of their new family too. At the moment they live outside, so would be suited to either an outside or inside set up, as long as they're still kept warm in the colder months of course.

If you feel you could offer this loving trio a new forever home, please register your interest online, or call reception for more information.