• 5 years 1 months, Male
  • Jack Russell Terrier Cross
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

  • Can be left alone for a period
  • Size: Small
  • Cat friendly Can live with cats
    Dog friendly Can live with other dogs

Meet Mikey!

Hello there, my name is Mikey and I am an approximately 5-year-old male Jack Russell Terrier cross that is looking for a new home.

I came into the centre as a stray, and I wasn't in very good condition at all. My skin was red, scabby, swollen and sore, and it was bleeding in some places. I have been having a medicated bath everyday to soothe my skin, and I am wearing a bodysuit to stop me scratching and making myself sore. It has worked wonders, as my skin is getting a lot better and my hair is starting to grow back! Unfortunately my ears have been so badly infected over time, that I now need to have my ear canals removed. After the operation I will have around the same level of hearing that I have now, but I will be pain free!

Despite the physical and emotional pain that I have been through, I am a happy chap that absolutely loves to meet new people and have lots of fuss and cuddles. I am not a super active boy, I much prefer to cuddle up in a bed and have a snooze!

I can live with children of any age, as long as I had safe, child-free spaces to go so that I could get away if I wanted to. I could live with another dog, as long as we got on during visits at the centre and a home check. If there was a dog-savvy cat in the home that would be ok as well, but we would need to be introduced slowly and carefully using the correct methods.

I am able to be left on my own for an hour or so, but this would need to be worked up to slowly so that I am able to cope with it.

I am really hoping to find a lovely new home soon, so that I can be settled in for Christmas! Please apply for me today if you think I could be the perfect fit for your home!