• 0 years 11 months, Male
  • Cockapoo
  • Not Used To Being Left Alone Not used to being left alone
  • Size: Medium
  • Cannot live with cats
    Dog friendly Can live with other dogs

Meet Mikey !

Hi everybody! I'm a lovely young cockerpoo, I came in at 9 months old, now I'm 10 months and I'm still all puppy. I haven't had the best start in life as I hadn't seen a different dog to a cockerpoo until I came in here nor had I seen different people. I hadn't been walked before either so everything was very frightening. With this lack of socialisation it means I need my new owners to spend a lot of time with me helping, reasuring and teaching me which will give me the confidence I am lacking to become who I should have been at this age. Also because of this start in life I must go to a home with another very well behaved dog that I can watch and learn from, I've been better meeting female dogs than males so far and I would need a dog that will interact and play with me as I also need that best friend. I've never been left on my own before and would need this to start in time once I am settled and feeling braver as if I was left now I would panic. It's the person I get attached to so the other dog would help with my anxiety around this but at the moment it's the person I want with me. When meeting other dogs and new people my insecurities come across in me barking as I'm scared, I've been having training and am getting so much better and can meet some dogs without barking which everyone is very proud of me for and give me lots of praise. I love my toys and do pick favourite ones to play with, I love playing toys with one of my foster sisters and then just plain wrestling, then sleeping close to everyone and sometimes resting my head on her back to check she's not going anywhere, otherwise I sleep on my foster mum's lap and in her arms at night. I absolutely love my cuddles with my foster mum and go all floppy, snuggly and melt in her arms as that's where I feel safe. If there are children in the home I'd need them to be at least 12 years old as I really need a more calming environment. I really am looking for my forever family with very much dog people who can take me on proper walks to the woods and different rural places at weekends so I can let my nose take over and the spaniel part of me come out including getting as mucky as possible. If you have the time for me to play a big part of your family and enjoy having cuddles whilst bringing me up then please call the centre and let them know, thank you