Freddy (& siblings)

  • 0 years 3 months, Male
  • Domestic Shorthair
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

  • Size: Small
  • Cat friendly Can live with other cats
    Dog friendly Can live with dogs

Meet Freddy (& siblings)!

Hello, my name is Chica and these are my brothers Freddy & Clyde, and my sister Bonnie. We are a litter of 11-week-old kittens that are looking for new homes!

We can go to our new homes as pairs or as single kittens, but any single kittens must go to homes where they will not be left for more than 4 hours. If we go as pairs, we can't be left for more than 6 hours. This is because this time period is a crucial socialisation stage for us, so we need to be around people as much as possible to make sure that we grow into happy and well-socialised adults.

We are able to live in homes with children of any age, as long as they can play with us appropriately and give us space when we want it. We can also live with other cats or cat-savvy dogs, as long as we are introduced slowly and carefully.

When we are 6-months-old we will need outdoor access, so that we can explore! A cat flap would be a great way to give us this access as then we could come and go as we pleased, however you would have to teach us how to use one!

If you are looking for a bundle of joy or two, then please apply for us today!