• 1 years 8 months, Male
  • Cockapoo
  • Not Used To Being Left Alone Not used to being left alone
  • Size: Medium
  • Cannot live with cats
    Dog friendly Can live with other dogs

Meet Kobie !

Hi everyone!! My name is Kobie and yep, you guessed it, I'm a Cockerpoo! I'm around 1.5 years old and I'm on the lookout for my fun forever family. Let me tell you a little bit about myself- please do read here lots about me as I haven't had the best start in life so I do have lots of insecurities that I need lots of help with.

Before arriving at NAWT, I hadn't experienced much of the big wide world at all. So I hadn't really seen different people or seen a dog that's anything different to a Cockerpoo so you can probably imagine that I find lots of things, people and dogs very frightening, especially as I'm coming across lots of 'firsts' for me everyday. So, although I'm now over 1.5 years old, I have lacked the good socialisation and positive experiences that most youngsters like me have had. The way that I deal with things when I do find them scary is to do lots of barking as I am finding things so very scary. I need new owners who have lots of time to dedicate to making me feel braver- to help reassure me and teach me.

Initially, I find other dogs very scary to start with and will do lots of barking- which can put some dogs off being my friend! Although my initial greetings might not come across the best, in time I have shown I can make friends. It would be great if I could find a home with another dog who is a confident pooch- that might help show me the world isn't as scary as I think it is and help me settle into my new life. If I was to live with another dog, I'd be best placed with female dogs and they'd need to be well-balanced as I will watch and learn from them so if they have any insecurities of their own then that wouldn't help me out. I'm a young lad who loves to play so any doggy friend would also need to be up for lots of playtime- I have lived with a much larger dog before and I really enjoyed the wrestling type play fighting so might be too much for a dog who simply wasn't up for that. If I wasn't to live in a home with existing confident dogs to learn from, my new human would need to be my very best friend and dedicate lots of time to making me feel safe and secure. I really need to form that strong connection with someone as without that you won't be able to help me out with my worries and I will be in no-mans land but I am really looking for someone to take the worries off my shoulders and help me.

When I feel safe with you, I am a super cuddly and affectionate boy. It isn't always easy to see that I'm a scared boy because I like to use my bark and I can be misread as being confident and forthcoming- so I'm looking for a patient, kind human who can see past any bravado and see the worried little boy behind all of that. I have come on with my training here as I get lots of praise, reassurance and tasty snacks when I've been super brave. The humans here will be able to tell you all about where I'm at now and how to best help me. When I love my people, I really love my people and I find it quite stressful being away from them. I'll need access to you through the house, so being able to be with you in all rooms and sleep near you etc. Living with another dog might help me learn in time that being left alone isn't so scary but either way I will need help from my new humans to build up my time alone very slowly and will ideally need a home where someone is around most of the time.

Insecurities aside, I am a cheeky youngster! It's easy to forget I'm just a pup when I have the world on my shoulders but hopefully with new owners to help relieve the pressure, I can focus on being the silly, happy young boy I know deep down I am. I love playtime and can find the fun in lots of things- especially anything with a squeaker! I'm also a big fan of my food and treats. Being a Cockerpoo I am super brainy, and although right now my focus might be on other things, you should be able to teach me lots of great things. Now being a Spaniel, my walkies look like poeaceful countryside adventures where I can focus on my sniffing rather than worrying what else is around me. And the muddier I can get on a walk the better! So I'm looking for adventurous dog owners who enjoy your muddy pawprints, adventures in the country and finding new places to explore together.

I do have quite the prey drive so a home without cats, small furries or birds is a must. I'll also be looking for a home with much older teenage children as they will need to be onboard with my training, help reassure me and provide a calming environment. Whilst I might initially find meeting you and your family a bit scary, with lots of time and patience I learn to trust and hopefully would get you all under my belt in time. If you think I could be the boy for you, then please register an interest or if you have some questions first then please do call the Centre!