• 2 years 10 months, Female
  • Netherlands Dwarf
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

  • Size: Medium
  • Can live with others of same species
    Indoor pet

Meet Dorris!

Dorris is a very cute 2 year old female, looking for a new home where she can have a friend for life!

She is currently in foster where she is building up her confidence being with new people. Dorris is very curious, so will come over to new people (especially if treats are involved) and will allow people to give her a little fuss and stroke. She isnt as keen on being picked up, but her fosterer is building her up to being handled for regular health checks and nail trims.

Dorris does come over to eat out of your hand and enjoys having veggies fed to her! If you sit on the floor with Dorris, she will come over and nudge for some fuss or wants you to play with her and her straw ball. She has been around a dog in the foster home and hasnt been bothered, so could live with other pets if they are friendly towards her. She could live with sensible children, but is a bunny who prefers fuss on her level, rather than being picked up, which can stress her out. Dorris is being spayed this week and would love another rabbit in the home to bond with.

If you are interested in this very sweet girl, please contact us.