• 5 years 2 months, Male
  • Belgian Shepherd Dog Cross
  • Child friendly

    May be suitable for children

  • Can be left alone for a period
  • Size: Extra Large
  • Cannot live with cats
    Dog friendly Can live with other dogs

Meet Bruno!

*bounce* HIII *bounce* HELLO! *kisses* *slobbers* HI! Sorry I didn’t buy you a drink first!! Hello ladies (and gents!), my name is Bruno – I am a Belgian Malinois cross and I am approximately 5 years old. Now, I know what you’re thinking, a Belgian Malinois!? What a ruddy handful! So I won’t sugar-coat it, yes, you’re right but boy am I worth it!

I may think when I am out walking I am a horse pulling a cart but in my defence, I haven’t had any training... And I am basically the size of a horse sooo I may have some identity confusion!! But training-wise, I have honestly had nothing and I am 5 years old. Nada, zilch, nothing! Considering my lack of training, when the staff met me here they couldn’t quite believe what a good boy I was!! I am so intelligent; the staff here are confident in the right hands I could be the goodest of all good boys!

With this said, I am looking for quite a specific home! Ideally my new owner will need to be an experience dog owner OR be very keen to have training sessions with the staff here to help me be the bestest boy. In fact, experienced or not – you’ll need a few training sessions to handle me!! I could potentially live with fellow woofers, I tend to get along with them very well but I do LOVE attention so ideally I’d like to be the centre of someone’s world and not have to share! Cats on the other hand, they are waaayy too fun to chase so it is probably better for your furry companion that we don’t live together. I can definitely live with children, but I do currently live with very little ones and tend to remove myself from them when they’re getting too loud for me. Therefore staff think I’d appreciate a quieter life than the one I currently have and perhaps only live with older children that don’t feel the need to scream!! Kids, eh!?

I am an extremely handsome, gentle, clever boy wanting nothing more than to be the centre of someone’s world, as they will be that for me. Could I be the centre of your world?