• 2 years 1 months, Male
  • Rottweiler Cross
  • Adults only
  • Not Used To Being Left Alone Not used to being left alone
  • Size: Large
  • Cannot live with cats
    Dog friendly Can live with other dogs

Meet Harley!

I am a rottweiler cross, I am told I am very handsome and I can’t say I disagree! I am looking for a new home because my previous owner was not looking after me properly, however, now I am in the care of NAWT, I am very well looked after and loved by all of the staff, volunteers and especially my foster carers.
I am a big softy, I love making friends with new people and getting lots of fuss and attention from them. I’m Inquisitive, some would say nosey, but I’m happiest when you involve me in what you’re doing and I know where everyone is. I don’t like to miss anything!
People say that I am full of energy... I do love long walks in different places where I can explore and have a good sniff around. I don’t mind traveling in the car especially if I’m off for a walk somewhere new. The woods are my favourite. I also LOVE my toys, maybe a bit too much? I get overexcited around them, but I am working with a dog trainer and learning how to control my excitement!
I am great at my training and always keen to learn new things, I already know how to sit, give paw, lie down, stay and leave it. I forget my size sometimes when I’m excited, I’m told that I get too ‘mouthy’ with my hooman friends when I play but I am still a pup so can you blame me? I’m working on this, and my trainer and foster Mum and dad say I’m getting better. My new family would need to keep up this training in my new home.
Because of my mouthing, I’m better living with adult hoomans but I don’t mind children visiting, I’m very gentle with them. I am also a real gentleman with the ladies. I am fine meeting other dogs on my walks, though I need to be on a lead as I like to chase fury animals. I could potentially live with another larger dog, pending intros at the centre. I love playing in water and I really enjoyed the snow. I’m really hoping for a paddling pool this summer!
I would love to find a home with someone who is around a lot and can spend lots of time and give me the enrichment and exercise I need whilst I settle down. After so long in rescue it will be a big change!
My foster mum and dad think I’m amazing, I hope I can find someone who thinks the same. I would love to meet you, my friends at the centre manage my diary, so please contact them and they will book you in. See you soon!