When the time came to choose a new rescue cat, Charlotte was like most of us, in that she wanted a cuddly lap cat. But then she saw Nala, and everything changed.

The fearful, lonely cat was going to be a difficult animal to rehome, simply because she had trouble getting close to humans. Charlotte took one look at Nala’s beautiful face and immediately felt she should be the one to give her the safe, happy, home she needed to rebuild her trust in people again.  

Prior to the pandemic, Charlotte started making regular visits to get Nala used to her. Then the team at our Watford Centre arranged to send her home to Charlotte as the lockdown was announced.

At first, Charlotte would just sit in one room with Nala. After a couple of weeks, she had full range of the flat as Charlotte gradually introduced her to the rest of her new home, carefully avoiding a tendency to overwhelm the nervous cat.

Soon Nala became happy and playful in Charlotte’s presence and would even start sitting nearby. However, the cat would quickly turn fearful if Charlotte used any hand movements.

It took many months of patience and dedication before Charlotte was able to stroke Nala, and although it has taken a long time, she has loved the experience.  

“It has been so rewarding to see Nala develop into such a happy, playful, confident, and affectionate cat and we have such a strong bond now because of this.

“She is even happy meeting visitors now and nuzzles their legs, follows them around, and shows off with her toys.”

Charlotte says having Nala throughout the pandemic has been helpful to her wellbeing. “I live alone, and she has helped me just as much as I have helped her.”

Rehoming a rescue can be a very rewarding experience, as Charlotte and Nala have shown. If you feel ready to adopt a pet, then please visit our rehoming pages to find your next companion.