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NAWT warns owners to plan for pets during severe winter weather


Animal rescue and rehoming charity the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) is asking pet owners to consider making plans for their pets care before the winter weather starts. Weather related incidents happen so quickly that it leaves no time for organising care, the NAWT are asking pet owners not to be caught out.

Last winter was the wettest on record with many areas of the UK affected by flooding forcing people to leave their homes. NAWT’S rescue centres and others around the country received calls from pet owners desperate to find care for their animals as they temporarily moved out of their homes.

New research conducted by the animal rescue and rehoming charity the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) shows less than a quarter (20%) of pet owners in the UK have care plans in place should they suddenly or unexpectedly be called away from home.

To help the 80% of pet owners with no plans in place the charity launched its Tails of the Unexpected campaign in June.

The Tails of the Unexpected campaign features an online guide to take owners through the planning process. It also includes a set of pet lifestyle and care forms (for dogs, cats and small furry pets) for owners to complete and keep safe with other important documents like vaccination records and insurance details.

NAWT Chief Executive Officer Clare Williams said: “We urge pet owners to make care plans before a disaster happens unexpectedly. It is something people put to the back of their minds like writing a will but it is of huge importance.

“People want peace of mind knowing their pet is in safe hands and that their routine is disrupted as little as possible while their owner is unexpectedly absent. This is what our information pack will help with.”

27th November, 2013