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NAWT supports of Royal Mail/CWU’s Dog Awareness Week (30 June - 4 July)

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Rescue and rehoming charity the National Animal Welfare Trust is supporting the Royal Mail/CWU’s Dog Awareness Week by highlighting the recent changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act and how it affects all dog owners.

The Royal Mail will be sharing the charity’s short video briefing in which CEO Clare Williams outlines the changes and what owners should be doing to address them.

The video and advice page became a viral hit in May when the new laws came into force, prompting more than 100K visitors to the NAWT’s website and thousands of shares and posts on social pages like Facebook and Twitter.

The NAWT is also launching details of its free webinar on July 16th for pet owners about the Dangerous Dogs Act. The webinar offers people the chance to find out more about the changes and ask questions to panel comprising leading dog law solicitor Trevor Cooper and Clare Williams.

In addition the NAWT will be supporting Dog Awareness Week by sharing the Royal Mail/CWU’s information on the issue of attacks on postal and delivery workers.

Clare Williams said: “We had fears dog owners were sleep walking into this Dangerous Dogs Act changed legislation and it turns out that might be the case. Very few people are aware that the Dangerous Dogs Act now covers private property. That is something that could potentially be a real minefield for dog owners who might inadvertently put their dogs and themselves at risk of prosecution. The time to act is now.

“The Royal Mail/CWU’s Dog Awareness Week is yet another opportunity to remind owners of their responsibilities for their dogs when it comes to visitors coming to the door. Following simple advice like ours will stop owners from falling foul of the law.”

5 ways to get involved with Dog Awareness Week

  1. Visit
  2. Read the NAWT’s free downloadable advice on the dangerous dogs act
  3. Find out more and sign up to the NAWT FREE webinar here:
  4. Search for and share #dogaware and #dogawareness information on your social media channels
  5. Request a copy of the NAWT film for your vets’ surgery or dog club


For more information please contact Wendy Richmond on 07866 263242.

Notes to editors

  • The National Animal Welfare Trust (charity no. 1090499) is one of the UK’s top 10 animal rescue charities. It operates five rescue centres across the South of England. For more information, please visit

Dog Awareness Week (30 June to 4 July)

  • Dog Awareness Week, organised by the Royal Mail working in partnership with the Communication Workers Union (CWU, runs from 30 June to 4 July) and aims to raise understanding of dog attacks on postmen and women and other members of public. It will highlight the need for responsible dog ownership as well as appealing to dog owners to keep animals under control when the postman calls to over 29 million addresses across the UK.


30th June, 2014