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NAWT offers advice on keeping pets safe during fireworks season

Rescue and rehoming charity the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT), is offering advice on how to plan ahead and keep pets safe and less stressed through this year’s Guy Fawkes and Diwali celebrations.

The free factsheet offers a range of pet care tips such as exercising your pet during the day so they are relaxed and tired in the evening, keeping them distracted with toys, games and food-filled toys and even creating a den with their favourite blankets and bedding so they can feel comforted if they get scared or feel anxious.

NAWT CEO Clare Williams said: “With dozens of private and public events planned in the coming weeks, it is often a tough time for the animals in our lives as they fear the loud noises, bright explosions and crowds of people. 

“Sometimes it just takes some very small adjustments to a pet’s routine to make it easier for them to cope.”

The free downloadable fireworks fact sheet is available on the NAWT website.


18th October, 2013