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Charity predicts pet owners having more complex needs for their pets as pandemic restrictions lift

Rescue and rehoming charity National Animal Welfare Trust is seeing a surge in interest* from pet owners seeking advice and support for their pets, with queries up 165% compared to the same period before the pandemic started.

This rise in requests suggests pet owners’ support needs are evolving, as many COVID restrictions lift on Monday (July 19).

Last week, The Kennel Club released research suggesting nearly one in five dog owners have considered giving up their pet post-lockdown.

In spite of predictions of rescue centres being overwhelmed with pets, NAWT has not seen an influx of animals coming into its centres.

Instead, in order to meet the increasing demand for help and advice, the charity has created a new page of advice to support pet owners.  

The charity is also running a survey, to establish what type of community-based pet support services people might be needing.

NAWT CEO Rob Mitchell says: “Work and home routines are expected to shift again this summer, as we move into a new phase of pandemic management. Life has become more complex, which is why pet owners are seeking support and advice.

“Animal welfare organisations have a vital role to play, which is why NAWT is guiding pet owners towards the ongoing advice we already provide, whilst trying to determine further ways we can support a mixed range of owner and pet needs going forward.”

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16th July, 2021