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ALLY at NAWT... Working together

“The NAWT never stops caring... Losing an animal for whatever reason can be one of the most devastating experiences of a lifetime. We see it on a daily basis and we really want to be there to offer support for pet owners in both the good and bad times.” Clare Williams, NAWT CEO

The NAWT are the first animal rescue in the UK where staff members have completed the ALLY® People and Pet loss accredited training course and are registered as ALLY® Supporters. Working together to form a network of support across all our centres the trained staff help owners prepare, manage and adjust to the loss of their animal.

What is ALLY support?

ALLY® People and Pet Loss is an accredited training course and subsequent support service for people experiencing the loss of their companion animal. Loss could be due to sudden death, euthanasia, illness, change of circumstances - resulting in the companion animal having to be reluctantly given up - or if the animal has become lost, is stolen or suffered a traumatic experience.

Staff at the NAWT appreciate and understand the potential strength of bond between animals and their owners and therefore the complex challenges faced by owners when this bond is broken... they want to help at this difficult time by providing ALLY® support.

How is ALLY ® support provided?

The ALLY® service includes an initial consultation at the rescue centre or on the telephone, to discuss the support needed.  Some people feel one conversation is all they need, while others may appreciate further help as there is no set timescale for dealing with a loss. 

Please note that ALLY ® is NOT a counselling service. If owners require help beyond the remit of ALLY® support or need professional bereavement counselling, the ALLY® supporter will facilitate the owner’s self referral to the owner’s GP.

Cornwall NAWT Centre Manager Louise Clarke was one of the first ALLY® supporters and says  “ALLY® training makes us all the more confident in dealing with pet owners who are going through the bereavement process. We’re not afraid to talk to people about it and people are telling us how much they appreciate us having discussed how they are getting on.”

If you need any further information about how to access this service please ask at your local NAWT centre, or email, including your name, Post Code and the best way for someone in our team to reach you.

For further information about ALLY® please visit

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