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Corporate Volunteering Days

We can arrange staff volunteering days at any of our centres or shops, and regularly host working visits from a wide range of companies.  

Please contact your local centre, get in touch here or call our head-office directly on 020 8950 0177 (option 1).   

Here are a few examples of some team-building activities we can offer your staff, which will encourage strong teamwork, and offer every animal lover a chance to make a difference to the lives of the 1200 homeless and abandoned animals that seek our help each year.

Rehoming Centre Revamp

This can be anything from repainting old kennels, to building sheds or clearing old disused areas within our sites, so they can be put to better use. These are the sort of projects we’re desperate to complete, but can never fit in amongst all the day-to-day work that needs to be done to ensure the very best care for our animals.

A team from Vodafone Newbury HQ who built and painted a new goat shelter for our Berkshire Centre.
A team from Vodafone Newbury HQ who built and painted a new goat shelter for our Berkshire Centre.









Showtime Set Up

Fundraising events held at our centres are vital in helping us to raise the necessary funds to keep the centres running, but as you can imagine, they require an awful lot of hard work to prepare. There is cleaning to be done, stock to be priced, a dog show ring to be created and many gazebos to be built! It’s a few days’ work for many members of the team and so any help they can get is very much appreciated.

A team from Skanska helped our Herts Centre set up all their stalls for their summer 2016 Open Day.

Lend us your expertise

Have a specialist skill you think we could use? Please get in touch. This could be anything at all that you think would benefit the centre, but a few examples might be:

  • Professional photography of the animals and the centre for use in our marketing materials
  • Help with a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the charity
  • Drawings or paintings of the centre and/or animals, which we could sell to raise money
  • Building, plumbing, or electrical work to help us make improvements to the centre

The list really is endless so please get in touch if you think you can help.

One of many wonderful pictures taken of our residents by Paw-Leaf Photography to use for prints to raise money for our Cornwall Centre

Gift of the gab!

Select a NAWT project that you’d like to help, and ask your team to exercise their powers of persuasion. Employees are challenged to get in touch with every contact at their disposal from contractors, suppliers, retailers, clients, ex-colleagues, family, and friends to persuade them to donate items or expertise needed to complete the project in question.

Project sizes can vary, from something as small as sourcing Easter Eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt, to something as big as building a new kennel block! If you’re interested in this project, get in touch and we can provide you with a selection of projects to suit the size of challenge your team wants to take on.

Supplies for our Somerset Centre’s 2017 Easter Egg Hunt!

Can’t spare the resource for a challenge day, but still want to help? Have a look at our Partners Page to see how other organisations are supporting our work.