Trindledown Farm are holding another shoe box appeal, this is an opportunity for our supporters to bring our animals some Christmas joy!

We are asking for boxes for our cats, dogs, small animals, field animals, birds and tortoises!

The idea is to wrap a shoe box in Christmassy paper (or use a gift bag) and fill it with food or toys for the animals in our care to use over Christmas and drop it at Trindledown. We are hoping to give each animal a shoebox gift for them to open on Christmas day along with their Christmas lunch!!

Some of the items that would be great to fill the boxes with are below!

Thank you!

• Licki Mats
• Kong toys
• Treat balls
• Peanut butter
• Tuna in spring water
• Dog toys
• Hot dog sausages
• Dog training treats
• Poo bags
• Dog coats

• Catnip mice
• Ping-pong balls
• Cat biscuit treats
• Liver treats
• Play tunnels
• Blankets
• Scrunchie balls
• Toy on a string

Small Animals:
• Wooden nibble sticks
• Mineral blocks
• Tunnels
• Willow sticks
• Burrow box
• Rope toy
• Loofah chews
• Dried herbs

Field Animals:
• Vegetable bags
• Sugar free polos
• Pig nuts
• Salad bags
• Ginger nut biscuits
• Breadsticks
• Carrots

• Salad bags
• Dried herbs
• Bird enrichment toys
• Bird seed
• Millet Spray
• Hanging coconuts

• Crispy florette salad bags
• Ceramic heat emitters (50W)
• Bulbs (on our wish list)
• Cuttlefish

Please contact the centre if you are planning on dropping off boxes; 01488 638584

We will not be accepting shoeboxes on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day.