Online Photo Competition

To celebrate World Photo Day on 19th August, we are hosting a photo competition throughout the summer!

If you're looking for something to do in the school holidays, or if you've always thought of yourself as a photography master, enter our competition to showcase your skills! There are 21 different categories to choose from, and don't worry if you don't have a pet of your own at home - not every category is pet related. 

The competition is open to all ages, to submit your entry please  DONATE £2 HERE and then email your photograph to and tell us:

  1. Your name
  2. What category you are entering
  3. Pet's name
  4. A short description of your photo

If you would like to enter more than one category,  please donate £2 per entry

Entries must be submitted by 10pm on 31st August

Winners will shown on our Facebook and Instagram and will receive a certificate and NAWT gift bag

Top dog Best dog picture
Top cat Best cat picture
Gorgeous Guineas Best Guinea pig picture
Royal Rabbit Best rabbit picture
Small but Mighty Best picture of a small pet
Fluffiest Friend Pet with the fluffiest fur
Golden Oldie Best picture of a senior pet (7yrs+)
Young and Fun Best picture of a young pet (0-12mths)
Summer Sunset Best sunset picture (with or without pet)
Caught in the wild Best wild animal picture
Nurture Nature Best picture of nature (e.g. flowers, woodlands)
Make a splash Best picture of an animal in water
Tongue-tastic Best picture of a pet sticking their lounge out
Lookalike Pet that looks most like their owner
Rescue Champion Best picture of a rescue pet
Winning personality Picture that best shows the pet's personality
Zoomies Best picture that captures a pet's zoomies
Talented Tricks Best picture of your pet showing their special talent or trick
Strongest Bond Picture showing a strong bond between human and animal
Supporting NAWT Best picture taken at NAWT centre, shop or event
Best in Show Best pet photograph