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Online Pet Show

20th February, 2021 to 5th March, 2021
Organised by: 
Essex - Clacton Centre
About the event: 

An online pet show for cats and dogs. Supporters can pay £1 per photo to enter their cats and dogs into the show. The categories are: 


1. Handsome Hound (Best Male Dog) 

2. Prettiest Pooch (Best Female Dog) 

3. Rescued Rover 

4. Smile! (Smiles, grins, toofs) 

5. Tiger King (Best Male Cat) 

6. Tiger Queen (Best Female Cat) 

7. Remarkable Rescue Cat 

8. Great Outdoors (Dogs and cats; gardens, walks etc) 

9. Funniest Photo (Dogs and cats) 

10. Rainbow Bridge (Gone but not forgotten; dogs and cats) 

11. The Best Coronavirus Companion (Selfies, friendships, family etc) 




Where the event is taking place: