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NAWT Cornwall Adoption

Thank you for considering to Adopt an animal! Taking on a rescue pet is such a rewarding experience, for both you and your new pet! It won't take long for your new companion to become a part of your home and family. We suggest first spending time with the other members of your family, and deciding what sort of pet is right for you. 

A dog or cat is a long-term commitment, so think carefully about what sort of pet would suit you best - how big is your family? What sort of house do you live in? Have you owned a dog or cat before? Do some research into different breeds as well, so that you can make an informed decision as to what pet is best suited to you. 

Make sure you give our Adoption Pack a thorough read through before you submit your adoption questionnaire (both linked).

We ask for an adoption fee of £200 for a dog, or £100 for a cat. All animals are castrated and microchipped whilst in our care. We also strongly recommend purchasing a lead/harness/food etc from us, so your dog or cat has everything they are used to and comfortable with. 

Adopting a dog or cat has a process. If you wish to adopt from us here at NAWT, there are a few stages we need to go through if you are the right home for the animal:

1) Submit your questionnaire (linked) via email to or by post to Wheal Alfred Kennels, Wheal Alfred Road, Hayle, TR27 5JT. Due to Covid restrictions, our centre is not currently open to the public, so we ask that you do not bring it to us in person for the time being. 

2) We get through applications, and if you are the right home for the dog or cat, we will ask for a few more details from you. 

3) If adopting a dog, a series of Covid safe meets will be organised. These will be walks, training sessions, and play time!

4) A home visit will be arranged (Covid restrictions apply).

5) Final paperwork will be sorted and the adoption complete! Your new family member can now come home!

This process can be a couple of weeks up to months, depending on the needs of the animal. If you wish to adopt one of the animals in our care, please read through the linked Adoption Pack and complete and return the linked Adoption Questionnaire. 

Thank you for choosing to Adopt! 

The NAWT Cornwall Team

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