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Published on October 13, 2021 by Andriana Georgiou

Picture the scene.  A normal weekday morning.  Everybody in the house is up, ready for school / ready for work / ready for the day.  The family heads out and as they leave, release their beloved family dog out of the door, ready to roam the streets for the day with other like-minded pet pooches, returning for their dinner in the evening…..

Published on October 13, 2021 by Andriana Georgiou

For the past 50 years animal welfare and improving the lives of homeless animals that come into our care, have been a top priority at NAWT. COVID-19 has presented us all with many challenges but now that restrictions have been lifted and we are all returning to a new normal, the pandemic has left a very worrying problem in its wake – serious behavioural problems in dogs and other animals.

Published on October 12, 2021 by Andriana Georgiou

It’s that time again, the Autumn/ Winter 2021 edition of Animate is now available for your reading pleasure.

This exciting edition includes four heart-warming happy ending stories, an interesting article on the Government’s newly announced Action Plan for Animal Welfare and a chance for you to get to know Rob Mitchell and Andrew Gillon, our Chief Executive Officer and Director of Operations.

Marcus & Jadon
Published on August 17, 2021 by James Lindsay

Today we are very familiar with the idea of the ‘rescue’ pet, however it hasn’t always been that way and as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we look back at how attitudes have changed towards rescue.

Fifty years ago, pets were likely brought to the family home from a neighbour, work, or school friend, whose pet had had a litter of puppies or kittens, or alternatively they were bought from the local pet shop (many a school-child growing up in the 70s has spent time standing outside a pet shop, lovingly gazing in at the puppies/kittens/guinea pigs in the window.)

daniella and zoe
Published on August 03, 2021 by James Lindsay

Earlier this year, #TeamNAWT was officially assembled when Daniella and Zoe were chosen to be our London Marathon runners.

In October 2021, they will take on the epic challenge of running 26 miles. They have been training hard whilst also fundraising for NAWT, aiming to raise £3,000 between them before the big run.

We caught up with the girls recently to find out what motivates them to run, as well as how they are getting on with raising money and getting themselves ready to go conquer all those miles!


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