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Published on October 16, 2018 by Beth Pearson

Throughout the start of October, we've had some lovely updates and said goodbye to some of our longer stay residents.

Fudge the overweight terrier

Gorgeous Fudge, who came into our care almost 10kg overweight, has found his forever home! His new family will help him on his journey to full health and we can't wait to hear about all the adventures he goes on! 


Aza the heartbroken bunny

Published on October 08, 2018 by Beth Pearson

Oscar the cat came into the care of our Clacton centre back in June because his previous owners were moving, but weren't able to take him with them.  

He proved himself to be a very friendly boy  to our staff, and he loved nothing more than his cuddles with the cattery team. 

After his routine health checks and vaccinations, it became apparent that Oscar also needed a dental to remove one of his canine teeth. 

Unfortunately, after the removal of his tooth, the bone was exposed so he had to undergo a second dental operation to rectify this.

Published on October 05, 2018 by Beth Pearson

One of NAWT’s main roles is running a community rescue and rehoming service for domestic pets in six centres across the south of England.

In practice this involves taking in animals from a variety of places – sometimes strays from dog wardens or neighbours, other times beloved family pets who have been handed over due to a change in circumstances – and help them find a loving new home.

1. We place animal welfare at the heart of everything we do 

Published on October 02, 2018 by Beth Pearson

Ahead of World Mental Health Day, we want to discuss how pets can all improve our daily mental health.

It has been revealed that pets can help us with a lot of mental illness including depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s and ADHD*.

According to research carried out by the Mental Health Foundation, 87 per cent of people who own a cat felt it had a positive impact on their wellbeing, while 76 per cent said they could cope with everyday life much better thanks to the company of their feline friends.

So what can our pets actually help us with?

Published on September 20, 2018 by Beth Pearson

Could you foster a rescue animal?

Here at the NAWT we have lots of pets struggling to cope in the kennel or cattery environment.

Initially if a dog or cat finds their new home with us too difficult, we will appeal internally to volunteers and staff to see if they can provide them a stable home for a few months, however this isn’t always possible.

Thankfully when two nine-week-old Collie pups came into the care of our Somerset centre, two dedicated volunteers took them into their homes and fostered them.


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