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Zen's 19 wishes for 2019

Loveable chap Zen has been a resident at NAWT now for almost three years. He has spent three Christmas Day's at NAWT, enjoying a scrummy Christmas dinner and playtime with his friends and the NAWT family. But with every New Year comes new hope for the future, so we thought we’d share with you 19 of Zen’s wishes for 2019. How do we know what they are? Well because he told us of course!

Zen’s 2019 wish list:

  1. Tug toys, I love clowning around with tug toys. I roll and wiggle on my back while balancing them in my paws and mouth.
  2. Lots of walks with my hooman best buddies, where I can have some sniffs and woofs and pose for photos on logs.
  3. Long-lasting chews, I just love to settle down on a comfy bed with a tasty chew.
  4. More adventures with the hoomans who are called ‘volunteers’. I love those hoomans; they are so much fun and they always have a tasty treat for me.
  5. Comfy snoozes in my snuggly bed. I love snoozing. My neighbours say I snore but I think they are fibbing…
  6. Big wet Slobbery kisses with my friends who care for me.
  7. To learn more cues and tricks in my training and be told how wonderful I am. Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks never met me!
  8. Tasty treats! Lots and lots of yummy treats for being such a good boy.
  9. Friendly visitors to come and see me and help with my Open Paw training by dropping scrummy treats in my kennel for me.
  10. Some more TTouch training and chill out sessions with my friend Michelle. That makes me feel so calm and happy and ZEN!
  11. Fun treasure hunt games in my kennel and the enrichment areas to seek out some tasty morsels.
  12. More visits to the Cosy Cottage scent garden and sofa. I do love to relax on a comfy sofa after a good sniff.
  13. New smells to discover and investigate, ponder on and dream about.
  14. More of those pesky squirrels and pigeons to chase. I’m not sure what happens if you catch one though… They’re too speedy for me!
  15. Interactive food toys like rubber Kongs and Kong Wobblers to give my mind and body a good workout.
  16. More of the yummy frozen treats my friends give me in the summer time to help me cool down (and some sun to go with please).
  17. A few new blankets and toys to spruce up my kennel for the New Year.
  18. A cure for chronic clumsiness… Although, I’m sure it’s not always my fault things appear out of nowhere to trip me up.
  19. My last and most special wish for 2019 is to finally find my very best friend who will love me forever and let me kip on their sofa. I know they are out there because my friends tell me so, but I do hope they come soon because I have lots of love and personality to share with them.

To find out more about Zen and to see what type of home would best suit his needs, please take a look at his dedicated webpage.

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