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YOUR SAY: The top five things to do with your pet this summer

Here are the top five things to do with your pet this summer, as voted by you!
During the warmer months, it’s not only important to keep your pets safe and healthy, but also to keep them happy. Last week we published a round-up of the best quality dog friendly pubs so now you don’t have to leave your four legged friends at home anymore while you enjoy a drink.
These are the top five activities to do with your pet during the summer, as voted by you.
1. Going on an adventure
Something for the dog lovers – what’s a trip without your pooch? Now becoming more widely available are dog friendly activities such as camping, hiking and historic landmarks. However please keep in mind the temperature on the day and avoid walking your dog at the hottest time of the day (between 12pm and 2pm).
2. Sunbathing 
We all know our cats love to sunbathe, but don’t forget about the canines! Both dogs and cats alike love to just chill out in the sun and sometimes doing nothing is better than doing anything. If your pet is in the sun, please make sure they take plenty of breaks in the shade and have water at all times. 
3. Swimming 
Keeping cool and swimming goes hand-in-hand for dogs (well those who enjoy a dip!), and there’s now plenty of dog friendly beaches where you can enjoy a swim too. Swimming can come naturally for dogs, but it’s important to be careful around water with your canine. Click here for some in depth water safety advice.
4. Evening walks
What’s better than a cool evening stroll? A cool evening stroll with your best friend! Cats and dogs alike will enjoy this cooler option.
5. Gardening
Gardening, or watching you do the garden work is something all our pets can appreciate! However be sure to check that your plants and foliage are pet friendly.
We also have a list of dog friendly walks near our centres – click here to read more

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