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Your donations saved Pumba's life

Left alone in the woods to fend for herself at just six weeks old, Pumba is lucky to be alive. It is only thanks to a caring member of the public that she made it into our NAWT Hertfordshire centre, where animal care staff spent a long day and night caring for the tiny pup and monitoring her.

The local dog warden rushed Pumba into NAWT care after collecting her from the lady that had rescued her from the woods. Malnourished, with a belly full of worms and covered in mange, Pumba was immediately admitted to our onsite vet for treatment.

The tiny little pup was far too small to be housed in kennels and was therefore placed into the care of one of NAWTs incredible volunteer foster carers. During her time in foster, in the company of four other resident dogs, Pumba soon began to flourish, building strength and confidence in equal measure. However, she was suffering with a gastro problem that the vet was struggling to diagnose so had to undergo further tests before she could be responsibly rehomed.

Thankfully the root of Pumba’s tummy troubles were eventually diagnosed as coccidia, which was easily treated once we knew what we were dealing with, and she was soon on the road to a full recovery.

Pumba was rehomed by a member of the NAWT team, which means we have been lucky enough to get to watch her blossom, from the tiny little poorly pup that first arrived into our care to a much bigger than we had anticipated dog, with a full bill of health and a beautiful coat of fur.

Without your generous support of NAWT, Pumba’s life could have turned out very differently. To make your donation go even further for animals like Pumba this Christmas, please support our project on The Big Give, where every donation received between 12pm 27th November – 12pm 4th December will be doubled at no further cost to you. 

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