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What could a gift in your Will do to help homeless and abandoned animals?

What will a gift in your Will actually do to help the NAWT? Put simply, our charity couldn’t survive without them.

Gifts in Wills make up 68 per cent of our income. It costs £3.5million per year to keep our charity running and last year our income, including gifts left to us in Wills, amounted to £3.5million.

It is clear to see how much we rely on legacies to continue our work helping homeless and abandoned animals find their second chance in life.

There is a common misconception that only incredibly wealthy people can leave a charity a gift in their Will, but it simply isn’t true. The legacies we receive at NAWT can vary hugely in size from £100 to hundreds of thousands of pounds, but every single one is equally important and very much appreciated. 

To find out more about leaving a gift in your Will, please click here.

Here are some examples of what generous NAWT supporters have achieved with a gift in their Will.

Rubin: Hit by a car and left for dead

Rubin was found abandoned on the side of a busy road scared and underweight with a very sore, gaping wound across his right shoulder. He was taken to the local veterinary clinic, where his wound was treated and closed with ten stitches for a cost of £166 to the charity.

Rubin then spent the next 74 days in the care of our HULA centre, until we managed to find him the perfect forever home. During his stay with us, Rubin was vaccinated, neutered, fed a nutritious diet to help him regain weight and offered shelter, training and enrichment.

Rubin’s treatment and care costs amounted to £350. 

Without the necessary treatment and care, Rubin wouldn’t have survived his ordeal. A gift in your Will of £350 could save the life of a dog like Rubin and offer them the happy future they deserve.

We’re pleased to say that Rubin is now enjoying life with a home and a family to call his own.

Mitch: Handed over after his owner could not afford his vet bills

Mitch was relinquished back to NAWT after a year in the home, following a road traffic accident. His owners were struggling to cope with the cost of his care so they made the decision to return him to NAWT. We will always take an animal back into our care if an owner has a change of heart or a change in circumstance.

Mitch arrived with a badly broken back leg from his accident, and it was touch and go as to whether the vets would be able to save his leg. NAWT vets and animal care staff put their all into caring for Mitch and thankfully, his leg was saved!

Mitch has spent the last two months recovering in our care, and is now ready to find a loving home where he can enjoy a healthy, happy future.

Mitch’s veterinary costs amounted to £956.00. It is thanks to gifts in Wills that we are able to offer animals like Mitch the specialist veterinary care they require.

The average pet costs around £540

On average, a homeless animal who comes into our care will stay with us for approximately three months. In that time, we will vaccinate them, spay/neuter them, feed them a healthy, nutritious diet and offer them a cosy, warm place to stay.

These basic care costs alone amount to approximately £541 per animal, which means that a gift in your Will of that size could change the world for one lonely, scared animal in need of a happier future. What a wonderful legacy to leave behind.

On top of the basic care requirements, many animals require further veterinary treatment, which can vary in cost.

Tigger the cat required a variety of tests to pinpoint the cause of his skin problems and runny stools. All tests came back clear and so it was determined that he was suffering with stress within the cattery environment. Tigger's tests racked up a bill of £545. Tigger is still in our care and searching for his forever home, so our animal care team are doing all they can to reduce his stress and help him feel settled until the perfect owner comes along.

Ollie the dog was referred to a specialist vet to have a cherry eye operation on both eyes at a cost of £600.

Bailey the dog arrived in our care at 12 years old and required x-rays to find out why he was having such problems with his front legs. It turned out that his spinal cord was pinching and had to be treated with medication at a cost of £438. Following treatment, Bailey was rehomed to the sister of an old neighbour of his previous owners, who he had always enjoyed visiting by sneaking through some gaps in the back gardens.

A specific project fund: Bailey’s Coffee Shop & Picnic Area

Sometimes people leave a gift in their Will, which they would like designated to a specific project. This was the case for a gift left to our Berkshire centre in the last year. 

A dedicated supporter of the centre requested that his gift be used to help the centre complete the work on their new coffee shop, so that more people in the local area could come along to visit the animals, explore the farm, and relax with a nice warm drink in the beautiful surroundings.

His generous legacy allowed the team to make the final touches required to launch the coffee shop. This included the installation of new flooring, curtains and a jacket potato oven. It also paid for tables and chairs inside the shop, as well as a lovely outdoor seating area. 

All money raised by this wonderful addition to the centre, goes directly towards caring for the animals in our care, ensuring this supporter’s legacy goes even further. 

If you are in the area, please do pop in to NAWT Berkshire and enjoy a spot of lunch at Bailey’s Coffee Shop before saying hello to some of the animals waiting to meet you.

To find out more about how you can leave a legacy to help support our staff and give the animals in our care a second chance, click here.

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