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Wellness case study: Pawfit location and activity tracker

As humans, we use products to monitor our health and fitness, so why not our dogs?

With one of NAWT's partners, Pawfit, providing a pet location and activity tracker, wellness month seemed an ideal opportunity to ask their Senior Marketing Executive, Rebecca Austin, a few questions:

Q. Why is monitoring my dog’s exercise and health important?

"Just like humans, our dogs need regular daily exercise to ensure they stay fit and healthy throughout their lives.

Too little exercise and your dog could start putting on a few extra pounds, whilst too much exercise could cause them to lose weight and even risk injuries and joint issues.

Studies have shown that daily exercise is also great for your dog’s mental health as it keeps their brains active and is a great stress reliever. If your dog isn’t getting enough daily exercise, you may find they get bored which can lead to bad behaviour like excessive barking, chewing and destruction.

Unlike older dogs, puppies don’t need as much exercise. In fact, too much exercise in those early months can result in injuries that could cause health and development problems later in life. So, it’s very important to monitor how much exercise they do every day to ensure they’re not overdoing it and getting plenty of rest".

Q. What kind of things should I be monitoring?

"As pet owners, we should be monitoring how active and inactive our pets are each day and making sure that the balance is right between the two.

Exercise comes in many different forms – walking, running, training, sniffing, etc. – so it’s important to be aware of how long your dog spends on each activity during the day. If for example, your dog has been actively playing in the garden for most of the day, they most likely won’t need as long a walk in the evening as they might do if they’d been snoozing on the sofa.

If your dog needs to lose weight, it’s also good to be aware of how many calories they’re burning on a daily basis as this information can be used to decide how much food they can eat each day".

Q. How can I find out what the recommended daily activity for my dog should be?

"Every dog is different so there’s no one size fits all rule when it comes to how much exercise they need to be doing each day.

Generally, it depends on their breed, age, health and personality. Typically, larger breeds require 2+ hours a day, medium breeds 1+ hours a day and small breeds 30 mins+ a day.

If you’re unsure of how much exercise your pet needs on a daily basis, speak to your vet".

Q. How does an activity tracker, such as Pawfit 2, work?

"When you set up a Pawfit tracker, you’ll create a profile for your dog, which will include information like their breed, age and weight. This information is then used alongside an algorithm to work out how far your pet travels and how many calories they’ve burnt based on how many steps they do each day.

As well as how active your pet has been, Pawfit will also tell you how inactive they've been. All this information is then displayed in the Pawfit app and you can easily see how well your pet is doing at reaching their activity goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis".

Q. Pawfit 2’s main purpose is location tracking, what led you to develop the wellness side?

"Pet obesity is on the rise in the UK and here at Pawfit, we wanted to create a tool that made it as easy as possible for owners to ensure their pet is getting the right amount of exercise every single day to stay fit and healthy.

By clearly displaying all their pet’s health data in the Pawfit app, owners can make informed decisions about their pet’s health and wellbeing".

To find out more information about the Pawfit 2, please click here.

Pawfit are kindly offering NAWT supporters a 10% discount when you purchase either a Pawfit 2, or a Pawfit 2 with a 1-year subscription and use the ‘NAWT10’ discount code at checkout. They will also be making a 10% donation to NAWT every time that discount code is applied.