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Watch out for Dudley from NAWT who will feature on tonight's Petplan advert

Meet Nikki and Phil with Dudley the Staffy - Petplan’s rehoming moments ad stars

On tonight’s Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special it was hard not to smile at the joyful Dudley playing football with his new owners Phil and Nikki in the Petplan sponsorship ad.

They say that once you own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, you remain loyal to the breed forever, and the Sheehans are no exception.

Phil had a pair of Staffs previously, mother and son Storm and Loki who died in 2010 and 2014. Having met his partner, Nikki, the pair were very keen to have a new Staffy of their own but because they were living in rented accommodation the landlord would not allow it.

“We even offered to replace all the carpets if there were any accidents but there was no argument,” says Phil still disbelieving his predicament.

Charities like National Animal Welfare Trust’s Hertfordshire centre recognise this problem. Many rescue pets are reluctantly handed into rehoming centres like Watford because their owners have had to move into rented accommodation due to a change in personal circumstances. It’s a heart-wrenching moment for all.

Luckily the situation changed for the Sheehans when they bought their own house earlier this year and one of the first jobs on the list was to find a new dog.

The couple wanted to chose a rescue Staffy this time because they knew so many ended up in rescue centres. 

Having looked on the NAWT website, they quickly fell in love with Dudley who is just a year old. When he first arrived at the Watford Centre he didn’t know what toys were but Phil and Nikki would make many visits to the centre to play his favourite game of chasing the football right up until his coming home day.

Dudley has settled in to his new home so well that it’s like he’s always been with the family.

Some dogs like Dudley only learn to play for the first time when they arrive at one of our rehoming centres. You can treat the animals to a favourite treat or toy from our Amazon Wishlists.

Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special airs every night this week on Channel 4 from 8pm.