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The ultimate pet gift guide 2017

Our pets are part of the family, so of course you’re going to buy them a Christmas present! What brings us pet owners more joy than watching your perfect pooch or claw-some cat rip into a gift?
Here are our top Christmas picks this year:
What is cuter than a dapper coat for your dapper dog? We love the Ancol Moorland dog coat because it’s lightweight, water repellent and will help your dog stay dry and warm during the winter months.
The design is simple to fit and features a reflective trim to give added safety and security in low light.
Splash out on your cat this year and gift them an interactive feeder! The No Bowl Feeding System is a brand new cat enrichment product.
The No Bowl meets all of a cat’s needs during the eating process. The tactile design of the feeder stimulates your cat’s natural use of its claws and teeth.
This cheap and cheerful gift is sure to be a hit with your bunny! The metal ball design, with hanging iron hooks can be hung in cages for small animals to enjoy.
The Platinum water fountain by PetSafe will help those fussy felines and difficult dogs drink enough fluids. Some pets will be unhappy with a simple water bowl, and this constant stream of water is much more appealing.
An elevated bed lifts your dog off the floor, which helps your dog stay at a comfortable temperature. These are ideal for the warmer months, or if you have a larger dog that struggles to get up from and down to the floor.
Reinforcing the training through play mantra, this heavy dumbell is great for retrieving practice. Tough, easy to pick up and floats on water.
This mentally stimulating toy, offering enrichment by helping satisfy dog's instinctual needs, also prevents dogs eating too quickly.
If you'd prefer, you can also treat one of our animals this Christmas! Check out our Amazon wishlist and see if you can give a gift this year!

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