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Top tips to keep your pet safe on the road

While summer is traditionally the time for travelling, more and more Brits are opting for a ‘staycation’ so they can enjoy the company of their pets. If you’re choosing to holiday with your canine companion this summer, here are some fun tips and hacks to keep your pet safe and happy during your travels.

1. Bring a doggy brush!
Every dog owner knows this, because dog hair gets everywhere! It will make keeping your accommodation hair-free much easier and it’s always a good idea to groom your pampered pooch during the warmer weather.

2. Research the vets nearest your chosen accommodation
Dare we even think?! But if there’s a situation where your pup needs a vet, better to be pawpared. So if a crisis does happen, you won’t be scrambling.
3. Do a practice run
Try taking your dog out for shorter car rides in the weeks leading up to your holiday together. This will help them get used to the process if they’re not a seasoned traveller.
4. Seat belt fastened!
Be sure to look in to buying  a car crate or harness to ensure your pet is fully secured while on the road.
5. Make sure microchip info is up to date
Although microchip information should always hold your up to date contact details and address, before you go away is a very good time to double check make sure they’re correct.
6. Pack spares
Spare collars, spare leads, spare poo bags, spare toys, spare treats. Your pup might even need their own suitcase. Probably. All right, they definitely do.
7. Take plenty of water
Whilst on the road, make sure your dog has plenty of water to keep themselves cool!

8. Never leave your dog in the car

A hot car can reach scorching temperatures within minutes. Never leave your dog in a car, and if you see a dog in distress call 999. 

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