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Thank you from Tom at HULA

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards Tom’s veterinary bill of £800.

Tom arrived at HULA, with his mum Angel, and both needed emergency veterinary care. You can find out more about Tom and Angel and their first days in our care on our previous blog here.

A JustGiving page was set up to help cover Tom’s veterinary bill, a huge expense for a charity like ours. Tom’s story was featured in the local paper, and with the generosity of supporters, Tom’s target was achieved and exceeded! Any additional funds raised for Tom’s care will go towards the next animal that needs emergency treatment.

On behalf of Tom, and every pet at HULA, thank you for giving him the second chance he needed.

Following a recent blood test for Angel, the vet diagnosed a B12 deficiency. The vitamin B12 is vital for the immune system, nervous system and digestive tract. Angel is now on medication, and will likely need medication for the rest of her life. Once both Tom and Angel are in good health, they will be available for homing.  

Thank you again, from every pet at NAWT and HULA, for ensuring they receive the best of care and veterinary treatment they need.

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